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Mercure Singapore Tyrwhitt, Premium Filtered Water Dispenser in Room

Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Premium Hotels Ltd (GPHL) is committed to adopting green initiatives and green policies by monitoring and reducing the energy consumption in our hotels through identifying and implementing eco-friendly programs such as:

  • Reducing the use of water and materials through awareness programs and incorporating energy-efficient designs into new buildings, equipment and work practices.

  • ​Reducing single-use plastics e.g bottled water, plastic stirrer, straws, cotton buds and disposable slippers.

  • Setting and meeting targets for the reduction of utilities consumption.

  • Using dual flush water closets to save water.

  • ​Utilising energy-efficient lightings.

  • ​Encouraging our guest to use their bed linens and towels more than once to save water and energy.

  • ​Using eco-friendly amenity e.g dispenser for bath gel, shampoo and conditioner.

Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS)

MVS provides vocational training to youths with disability leading up to ITE Certification and prepares them for open employment.  We have fostered close collaboration with the school over the last few years, with some of their students interning in our hotels, and some even converted to full time employment upon graduation.

Pay It Forward ( Daughters Of Tomorrow)

In partnership with, the campaign in 2022 aimed to secure 100 rooms for Daughters Of Tomorrow through a donation drive. These donated room nights are meant for women who had been abused and required temporary accommodation until the authorities are able to secure a shelter for them.

Yellow Ribbon Project

Through Yellow Ribbon Singapore, the company supports the movement of embracing second chances by being an employer partner.


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